Bulk Page Maker

Create up to 20 pages or posts at once.

Bulk Page Maker

Current Creation Variables:

  • Default Content
  • Title
  • Slug
  • Parent
  • Template
  • Post Format
  • Status

Officially Released November 2nd, 2015

Visit the Official WordPress Repository

View Source Code on Bitbucket

Major Changelog

Version 1.1 Released December 1st, 2015
  • Added support for native post type, including post formats.
Version 2.0 Changes Planned for Q1 2016 Release
  • Ability to add or remove field rows as needed, instead of using 20 static field rows.
  • Introduce logic to only display Post Format option if the current theme supports Post Formats.
  • Introduce logic to only display Page Template option if the current theme has Page Templates.
  • Change display of Parent page select field to be hierarchical.
  • Addition of Bulk New links to Admin Bar.
  • Addition of Settings page to set default options for Page Content, Template, Post Format, and Status.
  • Support for custom post types.

3 thoughts on “Bulk Page Maker”

  1. I love the plugin idea and the ease of use…

    Definitely the “go-to” for adding mass amounts of pages.

    How easy would it be for you to create the same exact plugin (features, layout, etc), but for adding bulk posts?

    There currently is NOTHING available on the market for this, and it would save me (and many others) a whole bunch of time and energy if we had something with this capability.

    I know you’re the perfect person for the job! 🙂

    Keep rocking!


    1. I appreciate your feedback and encouragement Omar!

      I’m glad you’ve found my plugin useful.

      I’ll go ahead and add support for the native post type to my to do list.

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